The highway to CARM

CARM, the Canadian Border Services Agency’s newly created Assessment and Revenue Management system, will soon be opening the virtual doors on its registration process.

While an overhaul is long overdue and there are certainly efficiencies to be had once CARM is fully implemented, we do think there is reason for the government to pay attention to the calls of Importers to slow down implementation. Those being:​​

  • This is a very difficult time to bring in major business changes. With many people working from home, it is far more difficult for companies to manage change. Things will be easier when we return to a more normal work environment, but no-one can anticipate when that might be.
  • Some industries have been all but halted in the pandemic’s economic twister. Those industries do not have the resources to address systems changes, and it’s only fair to engage them in this move once the economy rights itself and allows them to get back on their feet.
  • COVID-related pressures on the system have negatively affected companies’ ability to easily, quickly and economically get a bond or other security. But to get Customs to release goods prior to payment, importers will HAVE to post security. That’s a change in the way Importing business has been done — and one we believe may come with constraints and added costs.
  • It’s also likely that the details of certain aspects of the program will not be ironed out or fully communicated before the implementation dates. There are lots to areas yet to be finalized. So, Importers are being asked to register but are still really unsure of what “signing on” is going to bring.

​​Very likely CBSA will adhere to their published timelines. Regardless, you can trust Courtney to work on your behalf and work along with you to ensure that all the steps are taken in good time. We will help you navigate this road.

Stay tuned

​as we release information bulletins, conduct timely webinars, email blasts and other types of communiques to keep you ahead of the curve.

To best facilitate our CARM notices and future communication, we are updating our client management system. We are opening up streamlined communications channels that will deliver to our clients timely information and facilitate even better service.

Please click here to sign up and receive the information you need when you need it, which includes industry updates, Courtney news, as well as CARM updates. Visit our CARM info webpage for more information.

Paul Courtney 

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