Courtney got Climate Smart

Last month, the organization and key staff successfully completed the Climate Smart training and certification program, and started on our action plan for reducing our environmental impact. We have brought out attention to our “standby” power, paper use, lights and other electrical draws.

Truth be told, our business doesn’t have a huge carbon footprint – but we vow to do what we can and help to raise consciousness among our staff, our partners, our clients and our friends. 

If you follow the Courtney blog and social posts, you’ll see theme. We pledged to stop using single-use plastic. Our family made the choice of electric bikes to ferry kids and run other errands around town. And we are addressing our carbon contribution. It takes real intention and attention to be the change we want to see – and we’re excited to be doing it.

My philosophy is that the “tipping point” will come when there is a critical mass of people and businesses willing to stand up and be counted – regardless of how big or small the businesses are. The more we each put up our hands, show our commitment through action, the more chance of real and lasting change. Individually and collectively, we are the drivers.

We invite you to join us by connecting with Climate Smart Business Inc. You too can take advantage of the data collection, training, tools and technical assistance you need to establish a baseline and make changes to your business practices will make the biggest difference to your numbers.

About Climate Smart  
Climate Smart is a Canadian, award winning B Corp that certifies and enables businesses to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action on climate change. Climate Smart has helped over 1000 businesses and 40 partner cities and organizations prepare for and participate in the low-carbon economy of the future. Using a data driven approach, Climate Smart provides innovative tools and programming for “host partners” on the front lines – cities, ports, airports, and financial institutions – to build capacity towards ESG and Net-Zero goals, disrupt old economic trajectories, and invest in more efficient technologies. Visit to learn more. 


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