New Client Information
To open an account, without applying for credit privileges.

New Client with Credit Application
To open an account and to apply for credit privileges with us.

General Agency Agreement (GAA)
The GAA gives power of attorney to Courtney Agencies allowing us to undertake customs brokerage services on your behalf, including engaging sub-agents if needed. This form includes Standard Trading Conditions (STCs) for client review and acknowledgement.

Master Carrier Authority
To inform carriers (couriers, rail, trucking, air, ocean) that Courtney Agencies is your customs broker.

Power of Attorney for Single Importation
For one-time importers to Canada. For example if you are importing a motor vehicle or other goods for personal use. It combines your client information, power of attorney and payment details.

US Power of Attorney
Required for exporting goods to the USA from Canada. Click here for instructions for completing the form.

Non-Resident Importer
An overview of considerations and steps to become a non-resident importer of goods into Canada. Please contact us for a consultation

PARS Notification Sheet
If you are a vendor or transport company sending goods to Canada, complete and forward this form to Courtney along with your shipment documents. This form will help expedite your border crossing into Canada. Email to or fax 1-800-956-8388.

Canada Customs Invoice
In the event you do not have a commercial invoice for your goods, or if your commercial invoice does not contain all the required information, complete and submit this form with your other shipment documents. Click here for instructions for completing the Canada Customs Invoice.

Canada Customs Invoice Continuation Sheet
Complete if you need more pages to add to your Canada Customs invoice data.

ACI-ACE eManifest Highway Request
To request ACI or ACE service for truck shipments.
ACI is Advance Commercial Information with CBSA for trucks entering Canada; and
ACE is Automated Commercial Environment with CBP for trucks entering USA.
New users may contact Courtney to register for the program.

US Customs Invoice
For shipments moving from Canada to the U.S.

USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA Certificate of Origin
Complete, sign and submit this form for goods that are eligible for USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA duty-free tariff treatment.

Instructions to Complete CUSMA Certificate 
Click here for line-by-line instructions to complete the USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA Certification of Origin.

Certification of Origin Continuation Page(s) 
If you need more pages to list your products. Remember to include the total number of pages at the top of each page. Use this Excel spreadsheet if you have a large number of products to list. There are 3 individual sheets here including instructions to complete the Certification.

USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA Trade Agreement
Called USMCA in the USA, T-MEC in Mexico and CUSMA in Canada.

Check here for common questions and answers (Q&A) or contact us directly for more information on completing these forms.

Exporter Proof of Origin
This statement is completed by exporters of goods coming into Canada that qualify for preferential tariff treatment under GPT, LDDC and CARIBCAN.

Tradeshow materials, such as booths and exhibits, are classified as temporary imports, and can therefore qualify for duty-free entry into Canada. However, the procedure for shipping these materials is complicated which is why, if you are running an event and want it to run smoothly, it is worth your while to avail of our tradeshow services.

We can make sure that your tradeshow is registered properly with the Canada Border Services Agency. We can coordinate transportation for all of your foreign exhibitors, making sure that they are moving their materials in and out of Canada in a compliant and cost-efficient manner.

We can inform you and your exhibitors about packaging, labelling and documentation requirements, so that delays and penalties will be avoided, and all shipments will arrive on time.

Here are further instructions and forms for use by trade show exhibitors:

Tradeshow Exhibitor Form
Tradeshow exhibitors complete this form to authorize Courtney to move and clear your goods to and from tradeshow in Canada and to authorize payment for services.

Tradeshow Invoice & Packing List
An invoice (in the form of an Excel spreadsheet) for all items entering Canada for a tradeshow.

CBP 4455 – Certificate of Registration
Complete this US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) form for goods leaving USA temporarily and later returning to USA; and if you (as trade show exhibitor) are hand-carrying goods into Canada, for example in your own vehicle or by air. 

CBP 3311 – Declaration for Free
Complete this US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) form for goods that are made in the USA and coming into Canada and returning to USA.