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Expand Your Business Into the Canadian Markets … with Confidence

Partner with Courtney Agencies, Trusted Expert for Non-Resident Importers

Yours is a US-based company ready to explore profitable Canadian markets. To do so, you want to be sure of a smooth and successful import process. That’s where Courtney Agencies comes in. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of Canadian customs and trade regulations, and we specialize in US-based companies shipping goods to Canada.

Expand Your Business Into the Canadian Market

We offer a range of import services, including customs clearance, compliance with Canadian regulations, and coordination with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 

We can help you navigate the import process by determining landed costs and rates of duty, as well as coordinating Canada Customs and commercial invoices and all other necessary documentation to meet applicable government department requirements.

Our experienced customs brokers streamline the import process for compliant and efficient clearance through Customs.

Comprehensive Import & Export Business Intel

As an importer of record, you can sell your products directly to Canadian customers without necessarily having a physical presence in Canada. To navigate new waters, work with Courtney Agencies to gain a competitive advantage in the Canadian market.

If your goods are coming into Canada with a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) shipping agreement, Courtney is there to assist. We can arrange for import clearance, tax payments and import duty and help calculate the Delivered Base Price so you can accurately determine the profit margin on a competitive price for your goods. With our knowledge of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), applicable provincial sales taxes (PST), excise taxes and rates of duty, you get an accurate calculation of your landed costs.

Customs Broker Expertise on Both Sides of the Border

We understand that every business has unique requirements based on the nature of their products, which is why we offer solutions personalized and tailored to your specific requirements. We take care of the import end of the process so that you can focus on growing your business and serving your Canadian customers.

Courtney Agencies is based in Vancouver, Canada and our sister company, PMK International LLC, is based in SeaTac, Washington. By choosing Courtney/PMK International, you will benefit from hands-on, personalized service with an expert who works with you until all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Let Courtney Agencies Carry the Load for Your Business

If the thought of the administrative hassle makes you hesitate accessing the market on the other side of the Canada-US border, let us take that on for you. We know our way around. Here are a few things you can expect our team to take off your plate:

  • Establishing your company as a non-resident importer to Canada—including registering with CARM, Canada’s new, mandatory importer portal
  • Getting your company started on the import license process
  • Getting connected with agencies which specialize in product language and labelling requirements through Canadian Food & Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Informing your team on the USMCA (or CUSMA) trade agreement for obvious quick wins and especially any pitfalls to avoid
  • Eliminating unnecessary border delays and costly errors through accurate customs coding
  • Communicating directly with you about changing government rules and regulations
  • Organizing the logistics associated with moving and delivering freight, including warehousing and repackaging if needed.

Added bonus? Your peace of mind knowing that when Courtney moves the freight, your shipping is carbon neutral. 

Canada and the US are each other’s largest trading partners, so it’s worth the attention. 

The focus of this information page is the movement of goods from US-based companies into Canada – but we want you to know that it’s not the only focus of our business. We are just as adept at bringing goods into Canada from anywhere in the world.

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