Carbon Neutral Shipping at Courtney Agencies

Our shipping is carbon neutral and, if you’re a Courtney client, yours is too!

Courtney Agencies calculates and offset its total emissions making each and every trip arranged by Courtney Agencies carbon neutral.

In 2019, Courtney baselined all of its office-related emissions including electricity, heat, waste, recycling, business travel, office couriers, and staff commuting. It then made the effort to reduce its emissions through actions such as switching to low-energy lighting, and creating a system for composting food waste. (Courtney was certified by then-operating Climate Smart*, whose oversight promised that the data collection met Gold Standard requirements.) 

After reducing its impact to the lowest levels currently possible, in 2021 Courtney offset its remaining emissions making its office operations carbon neutral. That felt great, but there was more.

In December 2022, Courtney Agencies calculated the carbon in its Scope 3 emissions** and made the bold decision to offset everything! Everything! including the shipping services delivered on behalf of its clients. Courtney is committed to setting the bar high for the industry.

In 2023, Courtney engaged Canadian-based Carbonhound to continue with its office-related carbon calculations and UK-based for its more complicated freight-related emissions. All emissions are offset through Pledge; making Courtney carbon neutral in all its Customs operations and in all shipping it arranges.***

Courtney offsets the parts of trips it arranges. If you want your whole trip offset, contact Courtney as the primary logistics company.

It is a significant investment on Courtney’s part, but a critical piece in the movement to stem rising global temperatures.  International and local shipping (air, ocean and road) is known to have a significant impact on levels of atmospheric carbon and other greenhouse gases.

The industry continues to work on the development of technologies and logistical strategies to reduce absolute carbon. Until those are mature, Courtney will purchase offsets with a focus on reducing carbon emissions at source. That’s the next best thing.

Courtney is ECO certified by WCAworld – the world’s largest logistics network of independent freight forwarders.

*Climate Smart was founded by Elizabeth Sheehan, a local environmentalist and strategist who was integral to Courtney embarking on its sustainability journey. Climate Smart was a B Corp and inspired Courtney to become one too.

** Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization, but that the organization indirectly affects in its value chain. For Courtney, that means tracking and offsetting the movement of goods it arranges for clients.

*** Courtney works with (freight) and (operations) to calculated it’s the carbon equivalencies in its inventory