All businesses that import into Canada must be registered with CARM before October 2024.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced in April that the CARM implementation date scheduled for May 2024 has been delayed. The new intended launch date for trade chain partners is now October 2024. If you haven’t registered yet, please contact us as soon as you can to navigate the complexities with onboarding and adjusting your internal processes as necessary. Read more in the CBSA News Release;

CBSA phasing in CARM: launching internally for CBSA use as planned in May and later in the fall for trade chain partners –

Let Courtney Agencies guide you through it​

The “CARM” (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) roll-out will mean significant changes to the interactions between the federal agency, importers, their customs brokers, and others. It will transform the collection of duties and taxes for goods imported into Canada.

Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA) has developed the CARM system with the intention of streamlining processes and procedures, and making available better tools for managing importer activities. According to the CBSA, registration will provide importers simpler, timely accounting and quick reference for regulatory compliance.

Courtney Agencies has now supported hundreds of importers to complete their registration with the CBSA’s new assessment and revenue management system, and we can do it for you too at no charge.

Don’t Let Customs Regulations Slow Down Your Business  

Courtney will help you register – starting with simple instructions for obtaining a Government of Canada key if you don’t already have it in place.

We will also provide a real-time walk-through of CARM’s new features for:

  • Leveraging the tools and account views throughout the new electronic documentation system.
  • Managing your Release Prior to Payment (RPP) requirements, so your goods are released quickly and efficiently.
  • Making changes in response to required corrections or adjustments on commercial accounting declarations.
  • Receiving daily notices of your RPP and any issues or discrepancies that may arise.
  • Obtaining a Surety Bond so your goods will be released once the necessary customs requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Managing your billing cycles so fees and duties are paid on time.
  • Accessing the Client Portal where, in one place, you will be able to access all your customs clearance and import tracking information.

Note: CARM issues payment dates linked to the dates of data processing. Courtney will continue to track when our clients’ payments are due and provide adequate advance notice for timely accounting.

Our team at Courtney Agencies is well-versed in the CARM system, and can serve as the interface between you and the bureaucracy – making things faster and more efficient when you just need to keep them moving.

Get Expert Guidance With Courtney Agencies

Courtney’s team of experts is adept at navigating the complexities of importing and exporting. We make seamless what can otherwise be a time-consuming process for you and your team.

And, as a licensed Customs Broker, Courtney can act as your representative in dealing with CBSA and other trade chain partners.

We know that dealing with customs procedures can be frustrating and stressful. It’s easy to get bogged down in the paperwork and bureaucratic process. Plus, if you make any mistakes or miss a deadline, it can result in costly penalties or delays. That’s why we’re here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When must my company be registered with CARM?

All businesses that import into Canada must be registered in the CARM Online Client Portal before October 2024.

Is CARM mandatory?

All companies importing into Canada must register in the CARM Online Client Portal. Once registered, you can provide access to employees and customs brokers to manage both imports and CARM procedures.

Can Courtney Agencies as a Customs Broker help me register?

Yes, while obtaining a Government of Canada key is conducted at your company (for which we can provide simple instructions), once you have it you can work with Courtney’s Customs experts to set up the registration and walk you through the system.