Courtney Agencies specializes in customs brokerage services for both Canadian and non-resident importers. We clear all modes of shipping at every port in the country.

A Canadian Licensed Customs Broker you can trust

You can rely on Courtney Agencies to assist with seamless clearance for your shipments coming through Canada Customs at any border or port, and via any mode of transportation. 

We handle all your Canadian customs documentation and data requirements – whatever the commodity. Employing the latest in technology, we streamline processes for maximum efficiency. 

We’re compliance specialists, up-to-date with the latest government regulations (restrictions and allowances) so your shipments keep moving.

A Canadian business partner for Non-Resident Importers

Courtney Agencies serves as the resident agent on behalf of non-resident importers wanting to bring goods into the Canadian marketplace. We have decades of experience managing tariff classifications and other requirements for the exports and import of any type of commodity from any country of origin. 

Many of our clients are US-based looking to move product into Canadian markets. With our sister company, PMK International, we are able to handle the complicated details on both sides of the border – for both importers and exporters.

You can confidently leave us to take care of even the smallest details – like housing of physical records in Canada, or obtaining a Canadian business number. It’s all part of the service.

Courtney knows the road for Vehicle Imports

For both businesses and individuals, we take on the unique complexities of moving vehicles across the Canada-US border. We have electronic processing protocols with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and all other relevant government agencies, allowing us to clear your vehicles at any port in Canada.

Trade show materials and other timely, temporary imports

For imports that come into Canada for the short-term, we can prepare the necessary paperwork and advise on how the goods must be managed while in Canada. Temporary imports have their own rules, and Courtney is experienced in advising on the details – such as what’s in and what’s out for duties and taxes. Whether it’s a smaller job like bringing tools in to fix a machine, or a larger job like bringing in trade show infrastructure, our focus is to make sure you’re in compliance and to minimize costs of the import and subsequent export.

We look at the border from both sides now

Canadian-based Courtney Agencies Ltd and US-based PMK International LLC are sister companies. Shared ownership gives our customers the benefit of localized, boutique service – regardless of whether their goods are coming or going. No-one else offers that.

We’re Licensed Customs Brokers. We can help.