Courtney Agencies celebrates 65 years

Born on the shores of the mighty Fraser, family-owned Courtney Agencies celebrates its history on its 65th anniversary

We’re the Courtneys, and we’ve owned and run a customs brokerage firm for 65 years.

This company was set in motion by the career choice of my grandfather, started by my father, later run by my mother, with decades of hands-on support from their two sons – one of which is me. I now own the business and operate it with my talented wife, Virginia.

Our history, our longevity and our ownership model is valuable to our clients. As a family-owned company, we have been able to center our clients in every decision we make. We’re not bound to shareholders or distant owners so we can keep our focus on our business, our teams and our relationships.

I was literally born into this business. For years my grandfather, J.A. ”Alex” Courtney, was the manager of a successful shipping and storage business based in New Westminster, BC. For West Coast shippers and customs brokers, the Port of New Westminster was where you wanted to be. The Fraser River – a working river – has a history of moving logs and lumber, coal and other industrial products into and out of Canada.

My father, Richard “Dick” Courtney, worked with my grandfather, learning the ropes while gaining confidence and growing interest in an enterprise of his own. After my grandfather’s passing, my father – with the help of his mother (Laura Courtney) – established a business of their own, and Courtney Agencies Ltd. was born. My grandmother worked with the business until she was in her eighties! 

A shack on the docks in New Westminster was the first home of Courtney Agencies... ​No shipping containers, no computers, not even an electric typewriter in those days.
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Top left, The Port of New Westminster; Top right, Columbia Street – aka “The Golden Mile”; Bottom, left, Teenaged Dick Courtney picture believed to have been captured by famous street photographer Foncie Pulice; Bottom right, Courtney’s first “office” – a shack on the dock. (Grateful to the New Westminster archives.) 

A shack on the docks in New Westminster was the first home of Courtney Agencies and where it served as Ship’s Agent and Customs Broker for this west coast port of entry. No shipping containers, no computers, not even an electric typewriter in those days.

Later, my mother, Veronica “Ronnie” would join the Courtney Agencies’ crew; my parents dedicated more than a decade to their business before my brother and I were part of the picture. For as long as I can remember, we breathed the shipping air. We practically learned the trade by osmosis after school and in the summers.

Not surprisingly, the kids would have an interest in carrying on the tradition. My brother, Don, dedicated twenty years to building Courtney Agencies. I went to university to learn more about business and take professional courses to earn industry-specific certificates. My father’s passing in 2000 put the reins in my mother’s hands as I prepared myself to take the leadership role.

In the past 65 years, we have seen some significant changes. We moved our offices to the historic Marine Building in Vancouver. We needed to be closer to the Port of Vancouver which, by the seventies, had outpaced the one in New Westminster. The Telex machine hummed with communication between the ships and us – the ship’s agent.
Eventually, I got to hang up my Keds for a pair of Florsheims when I no longer had to physically run paperwork from the Courtney offices to those of Canada Customs.

We brought in Laurence Lovett, of Lovett Ventures, who for more than 30 years transitioned our business from paper to digital. We were one of the first Customs Brokers to have a website with resources for clients, and no-one was more prepared for the Y2K millennium switch. Laurence retired at 85 but, in many ways, he will be with us forever. We have a physical space on West Pender in Vancouver but, like so many others, much of our business is being conducted through the cloud for now.

In the last twenty years, we’ve broadened our service offerings, and developed the ability to bring goods to and from locations anywhere on the globe. We have grown our “extended family” of specialists to more than 20 people, starting with Serrena who just over a year ago celebrated 25 years of service with Courtney! We have drawn expertise from all over the world and creating a vibrant, multicultural workplace. Most recently, we have rebranded and aligned our offerings under a bold banner and newly articulated purpose statement. We invite you to watch for more on this in the coming months.

Drawing on the strength of our past, we’re more than ready to be a force for the future.

Happy 65th anniversary to Courtney Agencies and all the family, clients, friends, partners and staff members that have been part of this journey.

And to our “littles”, aged 14 and 7, we have the door open for you to join us one day in the wonderful world of shipping. 

Courtney Agencies launches its bold new brand

Courtney Agencies Ltd, a BC-based customs brokerage firm, celebrates its history and prepares for its future

Courtney Agencies Ltd. is celebrating its 65th anniversary and doing so by splashing out its bold new brand. We couldn’t contain our enthusiasm though; we’ve been “test driving” the look and message for the past few months and had great response from our customers and our partners. Our staff share their enthusiasm too for what they feel is an accurate reflection of the vibrancy of the agency. 

I respectfully acknowledge my family members, my father, grandmother, mother and brother who shared their passion, expertise and energy to build the first generation of this family-owned business. They created a solid backbone for this company. The original logo was created in 1955 and reflects the conservative, steady, cautious nature of the agency at that time. 

Here we are, 65 years later, with another generation at the helm, driving new services based on a much-changed shipping environment. The movement in this new look is reflective of how this industry must continually reinvent itself to keep pace with technology, capabilities of artificial intelligence, as well as digital exposure to new markets and the global appetite for what they offer.  We are also aware of the pressures of a “global market” on our environment, and bring that awareness into our new worldview. 

Building the new brand involved a lot of discussion about who we are, what’s important to us, and what contribution we make to society when we do our work. I am the husband of a woman who has made a career of building corporate social responsibility mandates. I consider myself an environmentalist who takes seriously his personal carbon footprint. 

Putting our personal and professional priorities in the mix resulted in a thoughtful, articulated social purpose which will guide the direction of the next 65 years. We look forward to sharing more about that with you, and inviting you into the think tank of how to do business in socially responsible ways.

That’s the newness. What hasn’t changed is the integrity and personal touch that family-owned companies deliver. We don’t have shareholders or distant owners to cater to, only clients. We are nimble and responsive to the needs of our clients and are able to deliver customized solutions when required.

This agency is proud of its rich history and the deep-rooted expertise that it afforded us. But the excitement that we feel today – that is bursting in full colour in our new brand – is because of where we’re going. 

Drawing on the strength of our past, we’re more than ready to be a force for the future – Bringing Businesses Closer Together.

The brand concept is based on the idea of a prism. Clients come to us with their business challenges to which we apply an expert lens and deliver tailored solutions. 

Our website has been revamped and now houses the shipping information, forms and tools our clients and partners need for moving goods around the world.

When you see this logo, you can trust your business is getting the best of our customized care.


“I’m Paul Courtney and I’ve been in this business for 30 years” 


Great news!

Courtney Agencies is excited to share the recent acquisition of US -based PMK International. Now, with shipments originating from either side of the border, you can expect the same outstanding and trusted service - under one roof! Read more.