Courtney Agencies gets Climate Smart

We are really pleased to be Climate Smart* certified. We now have a baseline of our carbon footprint and can measure the impact of changes to which we committed. In our operations, we vow to use less – less electricity, less paper, less fuel for moving people and goods, less of the earth’s resources overall. 

We can see that our biggest environmental impact in our operations was in the area of air travel for conferences and client pitches (74% of our emissions). In one saving grace, those numbers were really knocked down during the pandemic. Like everyone else, we created new habits with burgeoning online meeting technology and it has now encouraged us to set a new baseline. 

While Courtney isn’t a big energy user in our own operations, we are part of an industry that is. Wherever possible, we pledge to use our expertise to help clients make greener choices for their shipments, to work closely with clients who have shared interests and values, and to use our influence to bring along our industry associations and fellow association members. 

In addition to supporting measurable reductions in atmospheric carbon, we will provide our clients with information necessary to offset unavoidable emissions. We’re doing what we can and we’re proud to be part of the solution. 

* Climate Smart, a Radicle Group Company, is an award-winning certified B Corp that has developed a practical and solutions-based program for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to profitably track and reduce GHG emissions. Climate Smart emphasizes the business case for GHG reduction: operational efficiencies, cost savings, and competitive advantage. For more information, visit