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October 18, 2018

Canadian manufacturing sales fell 0.4% to $58.6 billion in August

Statistics Canada reports that manufacturing sales fell 0.4% to $58.6 billion in August, following three consecutive monthly increases.

The federal agency says the decline was mainly due to lower motor vehicle sales. Excluding this industry, manufacturing sales rose 0.4% in August.

Sales of motor vehicles fell 8.3% to $4.9 billion in August, a decline was mostly attributable to lower production due to atypical shutdowns in some assembly plants in August. Primary metal industry sales fell 2.9% to $4.4 billion and sales in the wood product (-3.4%) and food (-0.6%) industries also fell in August.

These decreases were partially offset by increases in the aerospace product and parts (+13.5%), plastic and rubber product (+3.8%), machinery (+2.0%) and chemical product (+1.1%) industries.