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September 13, 2018

Port of Oakland diesel emissions down eighty one percent

According to data released by the Port of Oakland diesel particulate emissions from the Port's maritime operations are down 81 percent since 2005. As a result, the Port expressed confidence in reaching its self-imposed target of 85 percent emissions reduction by 2020.

"We continue to make progress toward the goal we have set," said Port of Oakland Environmental Programs and Planning Director Richard Sinkoff. "With cooperation from our partners in the cargo-moving business we firmly believe we'll fulfill our commitment to cleaner air in Oakland and in our region."

San Francisco Bay Area environmental consultancy Ramboll reported Oakland's improvement in the emissions inventory of 2017 Port activity. The results show a 5 percent drop in seaport emissions in the past two years. The results are significant for Oakland workers, harbor truckers and residents near the Port who benefit from cleaner air.

Oakland's Board of Port Commissioners adopted an 85-percent diesel emissions reduction target in 2008. The Board set 2005 as its measurement baseline.

Source: Port of Oakland