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August 17, 2018

Consultations on possible safeguard action on imports of certain steel products

The Department of Finance is seeking feedback from Canadians regarding possible safeguard action related to imports of certain steel products.

The intent of these consultations is to better inform the Government as to whether safeguard action, including the imposition of provisional safeguards, may be warranted in respect of the steel products

Under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Safeguards, global safeguard measures may be applied by a WTO Member if an investigation determines that a product is being imported in such increased quantities, and under such conditions, as to cause or threaten to cause serious injury to domestic producers of that product.

Provisional safeguards may take the form of a surtax that applies to all subject imports or a surtax that only applies to subject imports that exceed a specified quantity threshold.

Products considered under the current consultation are used in a variety of applications, the most common of which include:

 • Steel plate: heavy machinery and transportation manufacturing and construction.

 • Concrete reinforcing bar ("rebar"): strengthening and preventing concrete from cracking.

 • Energy tubular products: oil and gas exploration, extraction and transmission.

 • Hot-rolled sheet: construction and automotive, agricultural product and pipe and tube manufacturing.

 • Pre-painted steel: construction, industrial packaging and appliances manufacturing.

 • Stainless steel wire: manufacturing of pins, nails, springs, filters and conveyor belts.

 • Wire rod: manufacturing of wires, springs, wire mesh, fasteners and nails, and automotive and industrial components.

Interested parties are also invited to submit views concerning the appropriate remedy, should provisional safeguards be warranted.

Link: Invitation to Submit Views



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