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July 24, 2018

Ottawa announces studies on marine ecological stressors that impact marine mammals

The Government of Canada announced $26.6 million in funding from the Oceans Protection Plan for research to help better understand noise pressures on marine mammals.

Research under the Marine Environmental Quality initiative will help the Government of Canada identify how to reduce the impacts of noise stressors on whales and other marine species.

The initial focus will be to better understand the impact of shipping-related noise on whales, specifically the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale, Southern Resident Killer Whale and the St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga.

Researchers will work on establishing current ambient underwater noise levels in these whales' habitat, which will help inform measures aimed at reducing the levels, as well as evaluating their effectiveness. Fisheries and Oceans Canada has already begun working with various partners to carry out this important research, including projects previously announced in March for the Pacific coast.