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June 29, 2018

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions.

This page lists newly published government memorandums, notices, regulations and decisions. Clicking on a title will open the document (in a new window) as published by the relevant department or agency on its own Web site.

Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

  • Preliminary Injury Inquiry No. PI-2018-003 Gypsum board originating in or exported from the United States
  • Appeal No. AP-2017-026 Rona Inc. Classification of various models of propane and natural gas grills, commonly referred to as barbecues or barbecue grills
  • Appeal No. AP-2017-031 C. Keay Investments Ltd. dba Ocean Trailer Rentals. Classification of certain models of highway trailer container chassis
  • Interim Review No. RD-2016-002 Hot-rolled carbon steel plate and high-strength low-alloy steel plate originating in or exported from the Republic of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Indonesia, the Italian Republic, Japan and the Republic of Korea



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