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June 21, 2018

U.S. will impose extra 25% duty on several imports from China

The Government of the United States announced that starting on July 6, 2018 it will begin charging an extra duty of 25% on several goods imported from China.

The duty is in retaliation to "acts, policies, and practices" by the Government of China which, according tot the United States Trade Representative, are "unreasonable or discriminatory and burden or restrict U.S. commerce."

The list of affected products covers 1,102 separate U.S. tariff lines valued at approximately (US)$50 billion in 2018 trade values.

It generally focuses on products from industrial sectors such as aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics, industrial machinery, new materials, and automobiles.

The full list is available in a Federal Register notice.

Following the American announcement China announced that it would retaliate by implementing duties on the same value of U.S. goods exported to China. Upon which U.S. President Donald Trump ordered his administration to identify another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent.


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