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June 08, 2018

Total Canadian rail freight volume was stable in March

Statistics Canada announced that the country's railways carried a total of 31.8 million tonnes of freight in March, up 0.1% from March 2017.

The Federal agency reports that freight originating in Canada decreased 0.9% from the same month last year to 28.5 million tonnes in March.

Non-intermodal freight increased by 1.0% to 314,000 carloads while the amount of freight loaded into these cars fell 1.6% from March 2017 to 25.3 million tonnes. Tonnages declined for fresh, chilled or dried vegetables, iron ores and concentrates and colza seeds. Increase are reported in wheat, other cereal grains, potash, gaseous hydrocarbons and other metallic ores and concentrates.

Intermodal freight loadings rose 10.0% from March 2017 to 217,000 units. The gain stemmed from a 10.3% increase in containers-on-flat-cars. In terms of weight, intermodal traffic rose 5.0% to 3.2 million tonnes.

Freight traffic received from the United States rose 9.0% to 3.3 million tonnes, as a result of increases in both non-intermodal (+8.7%) and intermodal (+12.5%) freight.