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April 25, 2018

U.S. Customs' seizures of counterfeit goods increased 8 percent in 2017

U.S. Customs announced they had seized 34,143 shipments of goods for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violations in fiscal 2017. IPR seizures increased 8 percent over fiscal 2016 and the total estimated manufacturers' suggested retail price (MSRP) would have been $1.2 billion had the products been genuine.

The merchandise with the highest number of IPR seizures continued to be wearing apparel and accessories, representing approximately 15 percent of all IPR seizures in fiscal 2017.

List of IPR/Counterfeit seizures, in order of importance:

 • Wearing Apparel/Accessories 15%
 • Watches/Jewelry 13%
 • Footwear 12%
 • Consumer Electronics 12%
 • Consumer Products 11%
 • Handbags/Wallets 10%
 • Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care 6%
 • Optical Media 2%
 • Computers/Accessories 1%
 • Toys 1%

The top two economies for IPR infringing seized goods, by value, were the People's Republic of China (46%), Hong Kong (32%) and India (1%). All other sources accounted for less than 0.5% each.

U.S. Customs says it will remain vigilant in targeting shipments containing IPR-infringing goods, levying civil fines and criminally investigating those who seek to violate our trade laws, harm the American people, and damage the U.S. economy.


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