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April 23, 2018

Strike avoided at Canadian Pacific Railway

The Federal Minister of Labour, on the advice of federal mediators, has agreed to Canadian Pacific's request to order a vote on a final offer to renew their collective agreements with the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) and the IBEW System Council No. 11.

Because of this new development, the Teamsters and the IBEW will postpone a strike until their members have had chance to vote on the agreement. Both unions say they strongly recommend that their members reject the company offers. Once CP's offer is rejected, both unions will be free to exercise their rights to strike.

The unions will not release specific details of the company offer until workers have had a chance to view them first. They say the offer does not satisfy workers' concerns on fatigue and wages.

The electronic vote on the company offers will be conducted by the Canada Industrial Relations Boards. It is not yet known when the vote will take place.

CP said it will immediately begin to execute a safe and structured start-up of its train operations in Canada.

Sources: TCRC, CP