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April 17, 2018

Mexico cargo thieves use a new ploy to defeat truck monitoring center

The SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) reported a new hijacking Modus Operandi in Mexico.

Cargo thieves intercepted a shipment and forced the driver to continue along the previously authorized route. The driver was then forced to call his company's Monitoring Center to report that he would be stopping at a service center to fix a flat tire.

The criminals then sent a fake picture of a flat tire to the Monitoring Center, which created the illusion that this was a legitimate emergency stop. With time on their hands they then unhooked the trailer and offloaded the merchandise before continuing on to the delivery destination, where they abandoned the truck and driver.

SensiGuard says carriers should carefully assess all unscheduled stops and have a plan of action to verify the well-being of the driver and shipment.

Source: SCIC