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April 13, 2018

WTO panels established to rule on Canada-U.S. lumber dispute

At the request of Canada, the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreed on April 9 to establish two panels to examine Canada's complaints regarding anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed by the United States on imports of Canadian softwood lumber.

In the case of countervailing duties, Canada said consultations held in January with the United States had failed to resolve the matter.

As for the anti-dumping measures applying duty to its softwood lumber, Canada recalled that consultations, also held in January, did not resolve the dispute.

The DSB agreed to the establishment of the panels in both instances.

The European Union, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Viet Nam reserved their third-party rights to participate in the panel proceedings.

The proceedings will begin once the panelists have been chosen.


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