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March 29, 2018

Canada takes measures to prevent transshipment, diversion of steel and aluminum

The Government of Canada announced regulatory changes to prevent the smuggling of cheap steel and aluminum into the North American market to avoid new U.S. tariffs on the metals.

A news release announced the following measures:

 • New anti-circumvention investigations will allow the Canada Border Services Agency to identify and stop companies that try to dodge duties (for example, by slightly modifying products or assembling them in Canada or a third country).

 • In calculating duties, the Canada Border Services Agency will have greater flexibility in determining whether prices charged in the exporter's domestic market, which we use for comparison, are reliable or distorted.

 • Unions will gain standing to participate in trade-remedy proceedings, including at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, into whether foreign exports are hurting domestic producers.

The regulatory changes will be brought forward and be subject to a 15-day consultation period through the Canada Gazette.

In addition, Canada will coordinate more closely with the United States and Mexico to strengthen enforcement at the border, including by increasing the frequency of meetings between border agencies.


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