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March 19, 2018

Audit of Great Lakes Pilotage Authority finds deficiencies

According to an audit of the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority conducted over the last year by the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, auditors found a significant deficiency in Board oversight. For example, the Auditor General found that the Board insufficiently monitored some executive expenses, and it did not ensure that internal audits were carried out on an ongoing basis.

The audit also found a significant deficiency in the appointment of members of the Corporation's Board of Directors by the government. The Corporation does not control the process to appoint Board members, but delayed appointments meant that by March 2018, the Board was at a high risk of having the majority of its seven seats vacant or held by members with expired terms.

With regards to Great Lakes Pilotage Authority's operations, the audit found a significant deficiency in the Corporation's monitoring of the transits of Canadian ships in the Great Lakes region. The Corporation could not justify how often or how widely it monitored those transits. As a result, the Corporation did not know whether the monitoring it performed was effective to minimize safety risks.

Source: Auditor General of Canada