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December 7, 2017

Canada and China to continue exploratory talks on trade agreement

During a visit to China this week by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the governments of Canada and China announced that they agreed to continue exploratory discussions towards a comprehensive trade agreement.

The exploratory talks began earlier this year following a meeting in September 2016 between Prime Minister Trudeau and the Premier of of China, Li Keqiang where the two leaders agreed to launch discussions for a possible free trade agreement.

Several meetings between officials of the two countries were held since then, in Beijing and in Ottawa.

Following this week's meeting with Chinese Premier Li, Prime Minister Trudeau said: "I look forward to continuing discussions towards a comprehensive trade agreement, which will open up greater opportunities for people on both sides of the Pacific."

"China stands ready for an open and candid discussion toward a free trade agreement with Canada, and both China and Canada are willing to jointly facilitate free trade and investment," Li said, according to a quote from the China Daily.


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