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October 24, 2017

Canada and the U.S. publish a guidance on sea container cleanliness

The governments of Canada and the United States issued a joint guidance on sea container cleanliness.

Invasive pests can travel on and in the millions of rail wagons, trailers and sea cargo containers that crisscross oceans and continents on trains, trucks and ships. Once introduced the pests can severely damage agricultural production, affect property values, and reduce water availability and quality.

For these reasons, when a contaminated container is found in port by authorities, the cargo owner, importer, or shipper can expect delayed cargo release, demurrage charges due to cargo holds, and unexpected costs associated with having the container quarantined, tarped and treated, cleaned, or re-exported back to origin at the cargo owner's expense.

The joint guidance provides recommended self-inspection practices for industry in order to avoid spreading invasive pests and their potential inconvenience.

The Canadian version is available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website.

The U.S. version is available on the United States Department of Agriculture's website.


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