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October 16, 2017

European Union will enforce tougher anti-dumping rules

The three bodies that govern the European Union (EU), the Parliament, the Council and the Commission, have agreed on a proposal to change the EU's anti-dumping and anti-subsidy legislation.

The new legislation introduces a new methodology for calculating dumping margins for imports from third countries in case of significant market distortions, or a pervasive State's influence on the economy.

The new rules also include changes which strengthen the EU anti-subsidy legislation so that, in future cases, any new subsidies revealed in the course of an investigation can be investigated and included in the final duties imposed.

The new system will only apply to cases initiated after the legislation enters into force. The legislation also ensures a transition period during which all anti-dumping measures currently in place as well as ongoing investigations will remain subject to the existing legislation.

In determining distortions, several criteria will be considered, such as state policies and influence, the widespread presence of state-owned enterprises, discrimination in favour of domestic companies and the lack of independence of the financial sector.

The legislation is expected to enter into force before the end of the year.


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