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September 12, 2017

Thief at Paris-CDG drives away with over five million dollars worth of smart phones

SensiGuard reports that, on September 6, "a man claiming to be a delivery driver arrived to a transport company in the cargo area of Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Roissy with false documentation and was given twenty pallets of high value smartphones.

The resale value of these smartphones is believed to be about CAD $5,796,000. The transport company only realised that a theft had occurred when the real driver showed up a little later."

The theft, referred-to as a "Fictitious Pickup", was carried out without the use of weapons or violence.

SensiGuard advises that all companies be aware and prepared for this threat. Their staff need to be aware of and trained in how to identify and deal with this risk. Also advisable is a robust multi-layered security program which should involve pre-alerts so that carrier, driver and truck checks can be carried out and aligned before a shipment can depart.

Source: SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center