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August 15, 2017

California, Texas and Tennessee are top cargo theft states according to SensiGuard

According to the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center's U.S. Cargo Theft Report for the second quarter of 2017, California ranks as the top state for cargo theft with 29% of total thefts. This represents a decline of 28% over Q1-2017's theft rate and a decline of 24% from Q2-2016. California's thefts were mainly comprised of Clothing & Shoes (22%) and Food & Drinks (19%).

Texas (15%) came in second in Q2-2017, with Home & Garden (26%) leading the product types and Auto & Parts (21%) coming in second. This represents a 15% increase in overall theft rate from Q1-2017 and a 21% drop from Q2-2016, as well as the decline of thefts of the state's typical front runner Building & Industrial.

Tennessee (12%) came in third, recording an increase of 467% over Q1-2017 and 600% over Q2-2016. Tennessee's thefts were primarily composed of Electronics (27%).

Florida (9%) came in the fourth spot, with the majority of thefts coming from Food & Drinks and Home & Garden (27% each).

Georgia (4%) dropped by 51% from Q1-2017 and 15% from Q2-2016 to come in at fifth place. Georgia's thefts primarily consisted of Auto & Parts (40%).

Together, the top five states accounted for 68% of total thefts, the top three accounted for 56%.

Source: SensiGuard