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July 20, 2017

Tribunal exempts more fasteners from China and Taiwan from anti-dumping duty

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal announced the completion of its interim review in respect of certain carbon steel fasteners originating in or exported from China and Chinese Taipei.

The goods at issue were included in the Tribunal's January 2005 findings which imposed anti-dumping and/or countervailing duties.

As a result of the the review the Tribunal amended its order to exclude the following goods: Squeeeeek No More® square-drive wood screws, manufactured by or on behalf of O'Berry Enterprises Inc. under U.S. patent Nos. 5,371,992, 5,372,466 or 6,250,186, for use in wood flooring, with scoring above the threaded portion of the screw that allows the upper portion of the screw and head to be easily broken off, 3" or 3.5" in length, of a #8 or #9 diameter, threaded in part with 8 threads per inch and in part with 9 threads per inch, with the remainder unthreaded, and covered in a Gleitmo 615 lubricant coating (or equivalent coating) and imported in packages of 500 screws or less.

Link: Interim Review No. RD-2016-003


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