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June 12, 2017

Denmark ratifies Canada - EU free trade agreement

According to the Copenhagen Post, a considerable majority in Denmark's Parliament has approved the ratification of the Canada - European Union (EU) free trade agreement (CETA) at the beginning of this month. As a result, Denmark is among the first EU nations to sign on, preceded in this by Latvia.

The ratification of each member country of the EU is required for full implementation of CETA but it was agreed to implement it provisionally after approval at the federal Canadian and EU level. This will include trade and procurement chapters but leave out investor dispute resolution.

The Canadian and the European parliaments have given their final approval to the Agreement, but officials in Canada and the EU are still working on regulations that will need to be written or amended, on both sides of the Atlantic, before the provisional application of CETA can begin.

No such new or amended regulations have so far been published by either side.


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