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May 09, 2017

Global airport industry keeps working to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions

Airports Council International (ACI) recently underlined the progress it has been making in addressing its CO2 emissions, through the independent and voluntary global programme, Airport Carbon Accreditation. International airline emissions will soon to be subject to the CORSIA agreement struck at ICAO last year.

Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World commented "An impressive 2.5 billion air passengers now travel through airports certified at one of the 4 levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation - a testament to how much the programme has helped mobilise airport operators towards addressing their carbon footprints.Airport Carbon Accreditation is enabling a multi-speed effort now involving 189 airports across the world and it's inspiring to see the level of innovation and diversity with which airports are contributing to the fight against Climate Change."

She added "I would particularly like to congratulate Bangalore International and Sunshine Coast on becoming carbon neutral airports. We are also hugely encouraged by the latest accreditations in Africa - this really sends a message to the wider world that carbon management is a valid consideration for every business no matter where they are located."

A summary of ACI figures shows that:

• 189 airports across the world are now certified at one of the 4 levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation

• These airports welcomed 2.5 billion passengers a year - that's 38% of global air passenger traffic

• 30 airports are carbon neutral - the latest are Bangalore International and Sunshine Coast Airport

• There are now 25 carbon neutral airports in Europe, 4 in Asia-Pacific and 1 in North America

Source: ACI