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March 2, 2017

CBSA expands FAST to Fort Erie, adjusts process at Pacific Highway

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced an addition and some changes to its Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program.

A new dedicated FAST lane and inspection booth have opened at the Fort Erie, ON, port of entry. The new lane provides eligible commercial vehicles with expedited passage and reduced wait times.

At the same time, the Pacific Highway port of entry in Surrey, BC, has modified its existing FAST lane and booth to a new model called "FAST-1st", which is based on the successful model currently in operation to process U.S.-bound commercial motor vehicles at Blaine, Washington. The existing dedicated FAST lane at Pacific Highway will remain in operation, but the dedicated booth will be converted into a regular commercial inspection booth.

Stop lights and queuing technology will stream commercial traffic to offer FAST vehicles priority access to any open inspection booth leading to reduced border congestion.

FAST gives members of the CBSA Trusted Trader programs access to dedicated lanes and booths at specified ports of entry that allow them priority access to the border and expedited clearance. FAST lanes and booths are also in operation in Sarnia and Windsor, ON.

CBSA advises that, later this year, it will enhance FAST member benefits by expanding the eligibility criteria for FAST lane use to include members of either of the CBSA' s trusted trader programs, i.e. Partners in Protection or Customs Self-Assessment. Currently, the FAST lanes are only accessible to those who are members of both programs.


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